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Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost – Paul Gannon’s Solo Show 2012 Details!

Hello all,

Thought I would post here the details about my supernatural comedy solo show “Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” – which is previewing throughout 2012 for Edinburgh 2013… If you like the sound of my show and want to help in any way, get in touch!!

Paul Gannon was 6 in 1984 and nothing else mattered to him than going to see a movie called “Ghostbusters”, not even desperately needing to pee. After that movie entered his brain, his life was never going to be the same again. His obsession with the story of 3 failed university students starting up a paranormal elimination agency in New York would basically consume his formative years. There was no toy, book, piece of music or collectable Ghostbusters based that Paul did not own…

In 2009, to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, Paul rummaged through his collection for a show and tell and came across something he wrote at school in 1984 “When I grow up, I want to be a ghost hunter”. So why didn’t he follow that dream? Why didn’t he try to find a career busting ghosts? Was it too late to start now? He decided to find out…

…And that’s when things get weird.

Despite not believing in the supernatural at all, Paul decided to go and hunt the ghost hunters, experience the thrill of the chase and look into why people believe in ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

In Paul Gannon’s first ever solo show, he tells of his experiences listening to voices 300ft below a church in the Hell Fire Caves, meets the weird and wonderful people who spend their lives looking for proof in the afterlife, debates whether a sex tape really shows a ghost, dodges the angry protests of an elderly bunch of Christians, deals with a disabled poltergeist, exorcises a priest, tours the UK with a live paranormal ghost hunt theatre show, co-writes a song with Sigourney Weaver, consumes too much supernatural reality TV and realises he may be afraid of no ghost, but at times, he finds the living far too frightening!

“Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” is written and performed by Paul Gannon

Paul Gannon is a writer/performer/Stand Up who has written for BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well as taken a few sketch shows up to Edinburgh over the past few years. He is the creator of a live monthly London show called Geek Night Out that has been recommended by Time Out, The Guardian, Three Weeks and The Independent and has worked alongside Turner Broadcasting’s Adult Swim channel on a few projects too.  “Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” is Paul’s first solo show and uses stand up, video, music and sketches to tell a unique tale about him Vs the supernatural.


About theotherpaulgannon

Paul Gannon is a writer, performer, improviser, producer, director and general lay about who expects work to come to him. What he doesn't know about Ghostbusters isn't worth knowing and loves the supernatural, despite not believing in it - at all... he runs a night called Geek Night Out ( and is here if you need him.

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